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Let’s Take a Stroll Through the Digisphere

There are just ten steps to a fully-fledged successful project


It all begins with a defined purpose

The first step is knowing what is needed from your marketing strategy. Whether growing your client base, showing off your photographic galleries or fundraising for a charity is your aim, a website is necessary to build a strong online presence and brand credibility. In short, everyone benefits from an easy-to-use, informative, and up-to-date website – building such websites is our specialty.


Securing a domain and reliable hosting

Your company information – what you do, who you are and why people should use your services – needs somewhere to live. This ‘place of residence’, as it were, is your website. It can be found by searching for a specific address – your URL, the links of which sit under a common name, your domain.


Making your content shine!

The purpose behind your website and the content that is included is used to determine the structure and overall layout of your website. A small-batch baker is more likely to need a smoothly running online store than they would a single page resume type website, but for a researcher this would be a perfect fit.


Structure and organisation

With the purpose and client needs clear, the content is then organised into a structure that fits the business’s requirements. Here it is all about the logic and structure.


Look, it’s so pretty…

With the flow and structure of the website done, the next step is to design it so that the content shines. A professional designer is tasked with this process and a layout of the website’s homepage is produced in PDF format. Client feedback is crucial at this point as the remainder of the website will follow this look and feel throughout the remainder of the development.



This step takes the design and translates it onto a website platform.


Custom Coding

We don’t stick to standard designs. Often providing that special zing can only be done by a coder who manipulates the existing coded styling.


Optimising for Mobile

Write this shit



And this one



Proof read this shit