Let’s Take a Stroll Through the Digisphere

There are just ten steps to a fully-fledged successful project


It all begins with a defined purpose

The first step is knowing what is needed from your marketing strategy. Whether growing your client base, showing off your photographic galleries or fundraising for a charity is your aim, a website is necessary to build a strong online presence and brand credibility. In short, everyone benefits from an easy-to-use, informative, and up-to-date website – building such websites is our specialty.


Securing a domain and reliable hosting

Your company information – what you do, who you are and why people should use your services – needs somewhere to live. It takes up physical space on a server. This ‘place of residence’, as it were, is your website. It can be found by searching for a specific address – your domain name. To reach your domain, a URL acts as a map.

Your address and place of residence are only able to be found via a URL if you have web hosting. We offer reliable website and email hosting with a dedicated server in Germany.


Making Your Content Shine!

The purpose behind your business determines what content is most relevant for your website. A small-batch baker is likely to need a smoothly-running online store with inviting images of their fresh produce. In contrast, a single page resume-type website would be the perfect fit for an academic researcher.

With the purpose known and the content decided, these can then inform the structure and overall layout of your website. We offer design and layout services that make your content shine.

For those who struggle to make the words flow merrily, we offer copywriting services – we just need plenty of coffee and your thoughts. We’ll then turn them into stylish paragraphs with just the right level of jargon for your business and industry.

Others are good at getting the information down, but does that sentence need a hyphen or a dash… or maybe a semi-colon? We have a keen eye for typos, malapropisms and that incorrectly-placed apostrophe. As copy editors, we have you covered: awkward errors be gone (or begone)!


Structure and Organisation

With the purpose and client needs clear, the content is then organised into a structure that fits the business’s requirements. Here it is all about the logic and flow. This structure determines how users navigate the website’s various pages. Typically the home page gives a brief overview of the business, listing its core aspects in a hierarchical fashion. Users are then encouraged to visit additional pages or sections through clicking on buttons or visiting links within a page.

We can give you advice on how to make your website and the navigation of your content user-friendly. A good user experience [UX] keeps users on your website and gently encourages them to explore the depths of your content. Better yet, they visit your contact page and get in touch before moving on.

Have a look at our home page once more. We briefly explain what we do and who our clients are and then show you our work. If you’re then keen to take that next step and are wondering how your project becomes our shared project, scroll (or stroll) on down to read through our process – it’s right there. Check out what our other clients have said and then click on that contact button… you know you want to… because that is the power of a good UX!


Look! – It’s So Pretty…

With the flow and structure done, the next step is to design the website’s home page using your company’s corporate identity. Our professional designers are tasked with this process and a layout of the website’s homepage is produced in PDF format. Client feedback is crucial at this point as the remainder of the website will follow this look and feel throughout the development.

If you’re thinking, “I have a company name and nothing more”, don’t worry as we offer brand creation services and can create corporate identity packages for you too.



This step takes the design and translates it onto a website platform. We develop on WordPress, a system used to power two out of every five websites on the internet. The home page is built first and after client feedback, additional pages added thereafter.


Custom Coding

We don’t stick to standard designs. Often providing that special zing can only be done by our coder who manipulates the existing coded styling.


Optimising for Mobile

As there are now a multitude of device types and screen sizes, ensuring a website looks good on a standard laptop screen size is only part of getting your website up to scratch. Whether it’s viewed on a horizontal tablet or a portrait cellphone screen, your website content needs to display optimally. We ensure that our sites look good on any device. This is often achieved using custom coding.


Hands – On Training

Unlike many other agencies, we appreciate that our clients often want to stay hands-on in uploading their online store products or writing their own articles. We are happy to train you in doing these smaller tasks yourself. As former teachers, we make sure our instructions are clear and we take you through each task as practice on your own website. We are naturally available should any oopses or queries arise. For those too busy for this, we can take these routine tasks off your plate.



Every website has to be maintained. Technology moves quickly and builds on itself which means the nuts and bolts of your website need constant greasing, a bit of love and a thorough, regular check. It’s like buying a Ferrari and then forgetting to check the oil gauge – coming to a sudden halt would just be embarrassing!

We offer flexible maintenance options: from just the basics through to adding new content and ensuring your website is always up to date. This maintenance can be done either as a monthly package or on an ad-hoc hourly basis.